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How to Buy Concealed Carry Holsters

5 Things You Must Know About Concealed Carry Holsters

Editor’s Note: This article on concealed carry holsters is excerpted from Gun Digest 2014, the world’s foremost annual book about firearms. Concealed Carry Holsters: Plan on Them Not Feeling Right…Yet Some effort is required to find the right concealed carry holster, but no matter what the choice, there is always an acclimation period. Some...

308 Winchester

.308 Winchester: A Top Survival Ammunition Choice

There are volumes of ink devoted to explaining the virtues of the .22 long rifle cartridge. For good reasons, it’s the reigning champ of the survival and preparedness crowd. But for those looking for something with a punch, the .308 Winchester is a prime choice. .308 Winchester: Breaking It Down In power, the .308...

Survival Firearms

5 Reasons to Own Survival Firearms

I carry a firearm every day. I do so recognizing that even a 911 call would be too little and too late when a dire threat is staring right into my eyes. That goes for disaster situations, too, which is why I own survival firearms. But are survival firearms really necessary? People with limited...

22 ammo best survival ammunition

Do the Math: .22 Ammo is Still Best Survival Round

Is .22 Ammo Still the Best Survival Ammunition? Even with recent advances in ammunition technology for other calibers, the answer remains a resounding “yes.” Let me make my case for .22 Long Rifle as the best survival ammunition in terms of rifle cartridges. What does .22 ammo have that would make someone even consider...

Mossberg 500 Flex Review

Review: Mossberg Flex Shotgun

This Mossberg Flex review examines what makes this 12-gauge shotgun so versatile: the TLS (tool-less locking system). This allows the Mossberg Flex shotgun to shift roles quickly and smoothly.