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Kelly Kettle Water Boil

Kelly Kettle: The Best Boiler You’ve Never Heard of Before

When you’re cold, wet, tired and in the elements, hot water for tea, coffee or cooking is good. But hot water quickly is much, much better. And there’s not much out there that boils water in the field more quickly or efficiently than the Kelly Kettle.

How to Wire a Generator to a House

Video: How to Wire a Generator to a House

This video explains how to wire a generator to a house. There are many videos about generators out there, but this one was exceptionally well done. Two important notes to remember before watching: Check your local regulations regarding electricity. This video doesn't take your area's ordinances and laws into consideration.

Photos: How to Make a Survival Bracelet

This photo series explains how to make a survival bracelet. This handy, portable survival essential worn around the wrist provides cordage at an instant’s notice. Cordage, as prepared individuals know, is one of the most versatile items one can carry.

Sawdust Firestarter

Video: How to Make a Sawdust Firestarter

This video shows how to make a sawdust firestarter. If sawdust isn’t readily available, substitute another combustible material. A common choice is dryer lint. The process is the same. Put the material into the egg carton sections. Dump wax into the sections. Let cool. Break off the sections and use as needed. But even...

Bow Drill Fire

Video: How to Start a Fire with a Bow Drill

  This video shows how to start a fire using a bow drill. It’s a difficult, time-consuming process. But in a pinch, a bow drill is the perfect way to start a fire without modern fire starting tools. Andy Tran, the instructor, used these items in the video: Bow Drill: Western Red Cedar Cordage:...