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Survival Scenario

Survival Scenario: Would You Risk Your Entire Family to Save One Person?

It’s easy to think the entire family will be together when a disaster hits, but that’s not always the case. In most survival scenarios, logistics will be a challenge. Everyone, from big city dwellers to rural homesteaders, needs to figure out how to gather everyone in one spot. That hinges on a family communications...

Raising Backyard Chickens

The Dark Side of the Backyard Chicken Trend

The growing trend of backyard chickens in recent years is encouraging for anyone interested in homesteading and self-sufficiency. Relaxed zoning regulations are allowing more and more people who wouldn’t otherwise consider backyard chickens to take a swing at it. But there’s a dark side to raising chickens, especially in urban and suburban areas: owners...

Best Firewood

Share This: Guide to the Best Firewood

Editor’s Note: This guide to the best firewood is excerpted from the Winter 2012 issue of Living Ready, available for download here. One of my friends once said as he looked over his personal library, “When I have a lot of good books I feel wealthy.” I feel the same way about firewood, but...

Learn How to Hunt Deer

How to Hunt Deer for Self-Sufficiency

It takes 200 pounds of meat to feed a family of four for a year. If you can kill deer, you can easily account for 150 pounds of that total with venison. You can then supplement the other 50 pounds with small game. How to Hunt Deer: Location You will need to find a...

How to Save Tomato Seeds a

Photos: How to Save Tomato Seeds

This photo series explains how to save tomato seeds. Save heirloom tomato seeds to use next spring for starting tomatoes from seed.

How to Save Money on Food

Tips to Save Money on Food

Use these tips to save money on food right away. By growing your own food, preserving bulk foods and shopping smart, you'll save money on food big time.

Rain Barrel

Get Started with Rain Harvesting

Here are some reason why rain harvesting could be right for you, starting with how easy it is to make a big impact of your homestead's self-sufficiency.