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The 8 Rules of Wilderness Survival

by Pat McHugh Wilderness survival isn’t predictable enough for there to be “Do XYZ and you’ll live”-type rules. But there are hard, fast rules for outdoor survival that should prevent you from winding up worse off. 1. Send Your Itinerary to Someone Else Always leave a detailed itinerary of where you are going and...


Photos: How to Make Paracord Netting

Of the many paracord uses, netting is perhaps the most versatile. It can be used for any number of purposes, from transporting items to fishing to shelter. Here’s how to make paracord netting. This tutorial is from KnifeForums.com user outrider. Click here to go to the forum and discuss your ideas for using paracord...


Where Disaster Strikes: Desert Survival Situations

  There’s a tendency to think disasters happen on large scales, but that’s not true. The geographic scope of an event doesn’t matter when you consider it’s individuals who experience them. To that individual, a local disaster may as well be the whole world. Which is why it’s important to remember desert survival situations,...