Emergency shelters are critical. In tough conditions, a person can die in hours without some form of emergency shelter from the elements.

Emergency shelter designs can range from sophisticated rigs specially crafted for certain scenarios to something as simple as a tarp tied to a tree. For emergency preparedness plans and bug out bags, a common choice is an emergency shelter tent. This lightweight, easy-to-use option can quickly be serviced as an emergency shelter in a number of scenarios.

Regardless of the emergency shelters you use, be sure it’s the top priority. Once an emergency shelter is established, a fire can be built for cooking food or boiling water.

How to Build a Wikiup

How to Make a Wikiup Survival Shelter

Wikiup: The Cadillac of Primitive Survival Shelters A wikiup is essentially a “teepee” style shelter made with forest debris. There are other less time-consuming primitive shelters that you can make in a pinch. However, in a longer term survival scenario in colder weather, the wikiup is king for an important reason: it allows the...

Glow in the Dark Paint

Tips for Using Glow-in-the-Dark Paint at Home for Survival

Living Ready contributor Vincent Zandri hit on a bright idea last month with his article on using glow-in-the-dark paint for emergency lighting around the home. During a blackout, or just in dark spaces, glow-in-the-dark paint could illuminate critical areas or objects. reader superfluities left an excellent comment on Zandri’s article about the best...

Disaster Insurance

Should Disaster Insurance be Mandatory?

Mandatory Disaster Insurance New rules under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are requiring some residents and business to purchase expensive flood insurance policies. The thinking is that being in a high-risk flood plain is too dangerous to not carry specialized disaster insurance. As covered in a previous article about flood insurance, the NFIP...

Bug Out Location Shelter Cabin

Your Bug Out Location is “Taken,” What Now?

Not everyone has a bug out location (aka BOL) waiting for them should disaster strike their primary residence. Those who do often choose remote areas far from population centers. The idea is to stay secluded until conditions improve. But what if the bug out location is already “taken” upon arrival? That’s the question Living...

Apartment Prepping Tips Article

Prepping Tips for Apartment Renters

“Our situation is that we do not have a house; we are apartment renters. We have two children and one on the way. My concerns are: No space so I have no storage or supplies anymore; not able to alter our living area, so I have no idea how we’d shelter in place etc;...

SHTF plan survival shelter

SHTF Plan: Would You Take a Starving Kid into Your Survival Shelter?

The best laid SHTF plans don't start and end with survival shelters and gear. They're often grounded in a particular moral or philosophical worldview. There's plenty of evidence for this with Living Ready's poll about the role of faith in preparedness. Readers told Living Ready that regardless of their faith or lack thereof, some...

Luxury Survival Shelter Video

Video: Luxury Survival Shelters a Booming Business

Survival Shelters: Hip, Trendy and Luxurious “Safety and style,” are the keywords to a new booming construction market that’s not entirely visible since it’s taking place entirely underground. Survival shelter construction is cashing in on a not so new trend among the world’s more anxious populations. That is, the presumption that we are presently...

Fire Prevention Month House Fire

6 Tips for Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month When we talk about prepping and survival, we often turn our attention to potential risks to our safety and well being, such as economic collapse, major severe weather events, or even pandemics. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to overlook the more, shall we say, routine hazards that can crop...