Living Ready University – Online Survival School

Learn In-Depth Survival Skills from Experts

Living Ready University is the advanced branch of Living Ready‘s commitment to making you better prepared, skilled and aware. It’s like a digital survival school for emergency preparedness and self-sufficiency, but with a 21st Century twist to learn survival skills.

The courses at Living Ready University offer in-depth information on a specific subject in emergency preparedness, survival food and water, homesteading, survival gear, survival skills, disaster management and more.

The courses aren’t just “here’s how to start a fire” or “here are cool survival tips” from Joe Blow’s personal bank of survival skills. Living Ready University brings in respected subject matter experts, many of whom work professionally in their areas and actually use their survival skills regularly, to give these courses.

What Comes with a Course from Living Ready University?

Each course from the Living Ready University survival school comes as a download. These single downloads contain all the information you need to develop those survival skills. Although materials may vary, each course generally contains:

  • A video presentation from the expert with detailed information
  • An audio-only version of the video presentation
  • Handouts from the expert to fully explain the information
  • Additional in-depth content from Living Ready

Remember: Living Ready University is for those serious about preparedness, self-sufficiency and survival skills. Take these courses from this digital survival school only if you’re ready to dig deep into a topic.

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