Free Download: Guide to Survival Knife Grinds

Knife Grinds PDF DownloadLearn about different kinds of knife grinds commonly used in survival knives with this FREE download. It covers the Full Convex, Sabre, Full Flat Grind and Scandi/Nordic grinds, complete with illustrations. Also covered are clip and drop points in a handy PDF reference.

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The download is excerpted from John D. McCann’s book, Stay Alive! Survival Skills You Need.

Know Your Knife Grinds: Full Convex

A full convex grind is fairly common blade grind that is suited for all purpose use. The grind starts at the spine and has a subtle arc all the way down to the edge. The edge is generally very, very sharp and can be easily maintained using a leather strop with some
sandpaper. Even though the edge is thin and sharp it is also considered strong because there is more steel behind it than other common grinds.

Know Your Knife Grinds: Full Flat Grind with a Secondary Bevel

A full flat grind starts at the spine and goes until it reaches the point of the secondary bevel. It is a good all around grind because the edge or secondary bevel can be thin or thicker dependent on the purpose. A thin edge will excel at general cutting, slicing and skinning, where a thicker edge can be used on more robust materials such as hardwoods.