Video: How to Sharpen a Knife Anywhere

If you remember anything about knife sharpening, let it be this: A harder surface can sharpen a softer surface. Find a material harder than your knife, and it’s possible to hone an edge.

As this video points out, common materials can be used for knife sharpening in a pinch. Car windows, rocks, other knives and more are demonstrated. One not included, but cited often for alternative sharpeners, is the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug.

Learn more about the science behind sharpening in this knife maintenance download from BLADE, a sister publication.

And if you prefer more modern sharpening systems, Living Ready recommends this knife care kit from Sentry Solutions.

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One thought on “Video: How to Sharpen a Knife Anywhere

  1. JLA

    There was some really good info in this video, thanks! BTW, what kind of knife was that?

    I have several compact knife sharpeners, and almost always have at least one of them on me:

    1) One of my favorites is my mini-diamond sharpener from SOG Knives. It has a small diamond stone, a ceramic rod & a ferro rod in one pocket sized tool. It makes a great addition to any survival kit!

    2) DMT 3-inch Dia-Sharp credit card sized diamond stones. I keep the fine & coarse stones in my wallet at all times. They make keeping a good edge on my knives fairly easy while I’m in the field & simply slide into the credit card section of my wallet.

    3) A Furi Diamond Fingers from Ozitech. I know, it looks like a useless gimmick; it’s not. If you’re careful with it you can touch up a dull blade fairly quickly & easily. It’s also really lightweight & folds up easily to fit into a pack.

    4) I also have one of those Gerber Bear Grylls carbide sharpeners, but it is only for use on machetes & the like. I don’t use it on my knives.

    5) Last, but not least, my Leatherman has a diamond file as one of its tools. :)