Review: SIG 516 Patrol Rifle

SIG 516 Patrol Rifle

SIG 516 Patrol Rifle

Dave Morelli wrote up a great review of the SIG 516 Patrol Rifle for Living Ready‘s sister pub, Gun Digest. The full AR-15 review goes into specifics that firearm junkies would find interesting, but I’m more interested in how this AR-15 can be applied for preparedness and self-sufficiency purposes.

The bottom line is that if you’re considering an AR-15 as part of your preparedness plan, the SIG 516 Patrol Rifle will make you happy in a variety of ways.

SIG 516 Patrol Rifle: Coyote Duster

AR-15s in general are perfect for addressing varmint issues. But there’s something special about the SIG 516.

Morelli, a veteran of law enforcement, sent 600 rounds through the semi-auto SIG 516. He reported that the firearm maintained accuracy, and labeled it a “coyote duster.”

I, along with the rest of the Living Ready staff, put a lot of stock in what Morelli has to say. There’s no question that the SIG 516 will be the first choice when a predator gets a little too close to that chicken flock.

SIG 516 Patrol Rifle: Fast

With a few add-ons (because what’s an AR-15 without some accessorizing), the SIG 516 quickly shows its teeth at long and close ranges. Morelli wrote:

The rifle comes with flip-up adjustable iron sights, but Sig’s semi-mini red dot sight—a nice light sight for fast action shooting—can also be had. I topped this one with a Leupold Mark 4 MRT scope, a 1.5×5 illuminated reticle scope that can be used in close quarters, as well as handle long shots all in one sight.

Although Morelli is more into competition shooting, I’m thinking this kind of versatility would be perfect for hunting big game.

SIG 516 Patrol Rifle: Reliable

I like my firearms like I like my vehicles: reliable. My car has 250,000 miles on it with no signs of slowing down. Likewise, my gun cabinet hasn’t changed much in years. From a preparedness perspective, this makes sense to me.

Maybe the SIG 516 deserves a place alongside the shotguns from my youth. Morelli wrote:

I have shot about 600 rounds through the 516, and there is not a speck of fouling around the bolt or carrier area.

It’s no guarantee, but that’s a great sign of future reliability.

All told, the SIG 516 looks like the kind of AR-15 that would fit well in a preparedness and self-sufficiency plan. Have you handled the SIG 516 before? Leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Review: SIG 516 Patrol Rifle

  1. DHConner

    He forgot to mention the Sig is not a low end product. It is fine rifle, and as such, very spendy. Like a boatload. I’m sure any dealer will be glad to relieve you of that gray and green tumor you have in your wallet-the one called “money”. The scope is right up there also. A fine product, and expensive, as are all of Leupold’s Mark 4’s, 6’s, and 8’s. Not throwing cold water on your parade, understand. Just want you to know you’ll have to cough up a lot off credit or cash, plus you’ve still got rings, bases, lights, angle indicators, levels, and few other goodies, like a 100 round double-drum Beta C-mag and some 100 round sticks from Suerfire and one of their rail mounted lights too. Oh, it’s great fun building up an AR. Just costs so much for the good stuff. Agggghhhh!!!.

    And for varmints you don’t need to slam down the better part of $3K. A $450 Savage .22-250 with a Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4,5-16x 44mm scope which got a very, very good write up in the Feb. 2013 issue of American Rifleman from the NRA for $300+ street price and rings and bases will do anything the Sig can do faster and farther. No, it is not a battle rifle. But out to 700 or 800 yards if you do your part it’ll do it’s.

    I think Shawn below is on the right track. My own opinion is that this particular variation by Sig is for the pro’s who work in tight places and genuinely need this size rifle in their toolbox. The average guy will do better with a longer sight radius-a short barrel and a short sight radius combine to amplify any sighting error, and as distances increases. well…you get the point.

    Semper Fi. Semper Vigilans