Review: Mossberg Flex Shotgun

Mossberg 500 Flex Review

The Mossberg Flex cranks the classic Model 500 shotgun platform up a notch with the versatile TLS (tool-less locking system).

Note: This article on the Mossberg Flex is excerpted from the Fall 2013 issue of Living Ready magazine, on print newsstands and digital outlets across the country now. Download the PDF version of this preparedness and survival magazine here.

Mossberg Flex Review: The Ultimate Adaptable Shotgun

The new Mossberg Flex continues the long tradition of the popular Model 500 shotguns, but with a twist. The stock, forend, and recoil pad of the Mossberg Flex can be changed in than a couple minutes with no tools.

This is true for any of the 12-gauge models in the Mossberg Flex series: the Flex 500 All-Purpose, Flex 590 Tactical, Flex 500 Tactical and Flex 500 Hunting.

Mossberg Flex Review: The TLS is the Key

Mossberg Flex TLS Tool-Less Locking System

The TLS (tool-less locking system) is what makes the Mossberg Flex exceptional.

The TLS (tool-less locking system) is what makes this system work. It was tested by the military, and they heaped abuse on the shotgun and the TLS system.

It works like this: A zinc coupling and socket locks the stock to the action. The bolt is
pulled up, turned and the stock comes off.

The forestock comes off and attached by way of a spring latch. Changing the recoil pads is as easy as pushing a button.

Mossberg Flex Review: Transform the Shotgun

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The Mossberg Flex can be transformed from an all-around utility shotgun, to a turkey gun, a waterfowling gun, a slug shooter for deer or as a tactical shotgun for home defense.

Barrels offered range from a 28-inch ventilated rib to a short and stout breaching barrel for tactical uses.

There are three sizes of recoil pads and a wide variety of stocks and forends are available in black, Realtree and Mossy Oak camouflage.

The Mossberg Flex versions available range in price from approximately $600 to $750 depending on numerous add-ons.

Mossberg Flex Review: The Final Verdict

A Mossberg Flex shotgun is featured on the cover of the Fall 2013 issue of Living Ready magazine. That should tell you all you need to know.

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One thought on “Review: Mossberg Flex Shotgun

  1. retired75th

    Author describes the Mossberg as phenomenal and exceptional and that it made the cover of Living Ready. -which says it all. Well, no that doesn’t say it all, because he than says that the military heaped abuse on the flex. I’m a little confused. Why did the military give it thumbs down ? How does being able to remove the plastic stock with out tools make it exceptional? So much for useful, or maybe useless, info.