Is the Ammo Shortage Coming to an End?

Ammo Shortage: Is This the Floor?

Ammo Shortage Letting UpAt least anecdotally, it looks like the ammunition shortage is easing up in some places. Buzz on social media and at sporting goods stores seems to have went from “the ammo shortage is terrible” to “the ammo shortage isn’t as bad as it could be.”

Could the ammo shortage have finally hit the floor?

My Smith & Wesson .38 revolver needed a range workout this weekend. I headed to my local sporting goods shop to see if the rumors were true. Imagine my surprise when I had four varieties of ammunition to choose from, twice the options of previous trips. The price hadn’t moved too much, but that’s a welcome relief from the constant hikes.

Ammo Shortage: Lingering Supply Problems

Still, the signs of the ammo shortage at the shop were everywhere.

The ultimate indicator of the ammo shortage, the .22, didn’t fare as well as the .38s. Supply was still low. Way low. The .22 short, unsurprisingly, was better stocked than the .22 long rifles. But that’s not saying much.

Then there was the guy who asked me to buy a box of ammo for him in line at the checkout. The limit was one box per person, and he wanted two. That kind of solicitation is a telltale sign of the ammo shortage. (I turned him down, by the way.)

Ammo Shortage in the News

Pockets of news media across the country are picking up on the slight rebound. Here’s an excerpt from a newspaper article in Florida, titled Gun enthusiasts, police agencies find ammunition shortage easing:

While there are indications the frenzied bullet buying may be slowing, no one is able to predict when supplies might return to normal.

“It can still get better, but it’s better than it was before,” said Corey Goldberg, who works at Guns and Camo, a small gun shop that opened in Melbourne in November.

This post from May 29, 2013, on the Sentry Journal blog also points out how things are getting better:

I’ve finally been able to get my hands on 9mm ammo and let me tell you it makes me happy happy happy.  Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed that handgun ammo shelves at my favorite sporting goods stores are beginning to fill up again with popular calibers.  It appears the great guns and ammo crisis of 2013 may actually be coming to an end; at least until the next panic buying kicks in.

Then there’s this article about Canada’s plentiful ammunition situation that hints at a healthy global supply poised to relieve the U.S. market any minute now.

Ammo Shortage: Why Could it Be Letting Up?

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On that note about global markets, the massive amount of ammunition imported into the United States earlier this year – twice the 2012 amount in the first two months, according to this article – may be finally making its way to shelves. That’s one reason isolated incidents of ammo relief could be popping up.

Another could be that enough time has passed since the 2012 election and the wave of gun control measures in early 2013.

Or it could be simple economics at play. People either have the ammunition they need or they just won’t pay for it. A slip in demand could offer breathing room on the supply side – at least in local pockets.

None of this means the ammo shortage is over. There’s still a long way to go before gun owners are out of the woods.

What have you been observing? Are things getting better or worse in your area? Leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Is the Ammo Shortage Coming to an End?

  1. Meathead

    I found .22LR solid nose at Natchez Shooters Supply, 350 rounds for $18.99 (+ $10.20 shipping) is pricy, but eight-cents a round is better than no round at all. Local stores limit one-box(50)-per-customer-per-day, IF they get a delivery and you get there before the shelf goes bare.

  2. Pasquale51

    Finally was able to order Hornady 30.30 Leverevolution from Sportman’s Guide. A local gun shop seems to have at least some ammo of most calibers but 22 lr is still in short supply.

  3. RealityCheck4U

    As of 7/18/2013 out local police department MAY and I repeat MAY be able to order 5,000 more rounds of ammo for training. They need 15,000 rounds and have yet to qualify for 2013…Most makers will not ship to “unfriendly” states due to a boycott of restrictive magazine laws.
    Because of liability police departments will not use reloaded ammunition.
    Ammo to the public is still sporadic and once on the shelf it still does not last. Fair priced 22 long rifle does not exist yet. It may take as long as two years for the ammunition makers to catch up. They will not invest in higher production unless it can be proven to maintain sales volume. Answer NO the rush on ammo is still on..

  4. woodsman101

    The smoke around the ammo shortage ending or improving I believe is only smoke. Many people have given up looking as often so those lucky few who find it is purely luck and part of this administrations strategy. Like conditioning people to think $4.00 gas is a good buy. Don’t be fooled by this. I think High prices are just what this administration wants to condition us too and more ammo tax’s are coming. Pricing the ordinary citizen out of stock piling ammo ???

  5. bdcamp53

    Here in Mass .22LR is still hard to find and there is a lot of questions aboit the fall/ winter pistol leagues and who has ammo to shoot. Additionally, lead shot had been has been difficult to find and expensive when you do for trap and skeet shooters. So my feeling is the shortage is very real.

  6. Upuras2

    Here in Northeastern Wisconsin, the ammo is just starting to show up on shelves at local stores. Seems like .22cal, is still somewhat scarce. There is some .22 short showing up in small quantities. I reload, and that supply is good, but prices could come down a little yet, to suit me. The crazy thing is that you could purchase an AR in .22cal, but no ammo!

    I have noticed that quite a few AR’s are also showing up at Dunhams, Fleet & Farm, and even Walmart! “Other” firearm types are also showing up. Prices are not too bad, but I’m waiting for some real sales.

  7. redscho

    Just about all of the shooting events at our local gun club, N> Florida) have shut down for lack of ammuntion, cowboy, urban cowboy (22LR), rimfire ruckas (22LR) as well as CF rifle events.

  8. ghostlly

    I still don’t see much ammo anywhere I go. People see a little trickle of ammo coming out and they thing the shortage is ended. I will believe it when I see all the store shelves full again and stay that way for at least a month.