Post-Disaster Survival: Dynamic Entry Tools 101

The sledgehammer is a reliable dynamic entry tool

When all else fails, the sledgehammer is still the perfect dynamic entry tool.


A good old fashioned sledge hammer can make short work of quite a few doors out there. A long-handled sledge will pop a door with a well-placed shot, and the long handle keeps the operator back by the jam if he is operating across the door.

Fixed blade knife for dynamic entry

Don’t forget, a study fixed blade knife like this one by BLACKHAWK! is sometimes the simplest and most practical dynamic entry tool.

The dynamic entry is often begun with a distraction. Flash-bangs grenades are great for this, but you need access. A window might have to be broken to toss in the grenade. There is a right way and a wrong way to break a window.

Most house windows are not safety glass that breaks into tiny pieces when broken. It usually will break into large sharp pieces that can slice open an operator’s arm. Try to break the glass from the top or way off to the side so this can’t happen.

Again the hallagan tool will help with this job. BLACKHAWK! also makes a window break and rake tool that lets you rip down curtains and blinds, too. Always start at the top.

The primary goal of the dynamic entry is speed. The entry and clearing must happen so quickly the bad guys have absolutely notime to react to it. Good tools, properly used, make this happen. No tool is worth its price tag if not accompanied by sound training. Get that training and keep current before you go into harm’s way.

Dynamic Entry Tool BackpackKeep Dynamic Entry Tools Secure in a Pack

Because every situation is different, dynamic entry requires there be several breaching tools available to use. Keep these entry tools together with the BLACKHAWK! Modular Backpack. This versatile pack is perfect for keeping dynamic entry tools secure, as well as anything else you can strap to it.

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