Post-Disaster Survival: Dynamic Entry Tools 101

MonoShock ram dynamic entry tool

Dynamic entry with a ram is an advanced option for serious disaster preppers.


I think about that call now and then, because part of the situation really was kind of funny. But I also think about how many fewer blows the lady would have had to endure if I had some sort of breaching tools in the patrol car, or at least one of the cars in the area. Come to think of it there were a lot of calls we responded to where some dynamic entry tools would have made life easier.

A dynamic entry breaching tool

This breaching tool at Living Ready Store is simple to use. It’s ideal to keep on hand for post-disaster access to people or items.

Back then BLACKHAWK! was just starting out, selling mostly packs and nylon stuff. Today they sell a variety of breaching tools along with other necessities for police, fire and rescue folks to fit just about every occasion. From a SWAT call to fire and rescue, to the individual patrolman on a small department with the need for some breaching tools, BLACKHAWK! has something for everyone. There are rams, pry tools, window rakes and bolt cutters. They even have collapsible products that are lighter and take up less space when stored in the vehicle.

Any burglar will tell you there aren’t many doors that will withstand a well-placed shot from a 3- to 5-pound sledge hammer or even a modest sized pair of channel locks. The problem with the channel locks is you have to stand in front of the door to get any leverage. (Fatal Funnel Syndrome.) A long-handled sledge can be manipulated from well along side the door and opens the door quickly for fast entry.

One of BLACKHAWK!’s entry kits, The Dynamic Duo, has a long-handled sledge and The Breacher, which is a pry type tool with 3 feet of prying torque. The head on the Breacher is a tempered stainless steel wedge that has friction ridges on all contact surfaces that counter angled to the head. This improves stability and reduces slippage during use. The Duo comes in a kit holster made from nylon.

BLACKHAWK! also makes a variety of hallagan tools in many configurations that will get the pry on just about any door. They come in mini tool kits and non-sparking non conductive metals for use when there if fear of fire or explosion. They even carry them in stainless steel. There are even tools specific to mobile home doors which usually open outward. But when it comes right down to it, the most useful and versatile is the ram.