Video: How to Camo AR-15s with Paint

How to Camo AR-15s with Paint: Items

Camo AR-15

Ferns were used in the video, but when you camo AR-15s for yourself it’s more important to match the pattern to the foliage in your area.

Things you’ll need:

  • Acetone
  • Adhesion Promoter
  • Paints of your choice
  • Painters tape
  • Ferns, twigs or leaves
  • Patience

How to Camo AR-15s with Paint: Steps

(Allow paints to dry between steps)

Degrease the piece you are painting. I used acetone.
Mask off critical parts (numbers, mechanical stuff)

  1. Adhesion promoter (clear primer).
  2. Base coat. I used the tan because it covered black the best.
  3. First layer color. I did green.
  4. Lay your pattern down. I used natural materials (ferns, twigs)
  5. Quickly spray your pattern with your top layer colors.
  6. Let it dry for a while (couple hours) before you start handling it roughly to give paint time to set well.

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One thought on “Video: How to Camo AR-15s with Paint

  1. Wild Bill H

    Gaffers tape is awesome stuff for camo projects. Personally I try to avoid painting my equipment, preferring to keep it in original condition. Parts & accessories sell better if they’re not painted.
    Why Gaffers tape and not duct tape? Gaffers tape has been used by the film industry for decades for temporary securing of wires, equipment, etc. It is fabric so its dull/matte unlike duct tape which tends to be shiny. But the biggest advantage to gaffers is the non-messy adhesive. It does not leave a sticky, gooey mess like duct tape but still adheres very well.

    Two ways I’ve done camo’ing with gaffers; wrap the parts in tape and go to work with paint or lay strips of gaffers tape on sheets of wax paper, spray them and install. One real benefit to using gaffers tape is the ability to experiment with colors & patterns without getting your weapon covered in paint. Also, changing seasons is another advantage, just rip off the old tape and apply new tape for your new camo pattern.

    One place I don’t use tape of any type is the gun barrel. During hunting my barrels usually don’t get hot enough to reek havoc with tape adhesive but there’s occasions when more than a couple rounds are fired. I usually use camo fabric to wrap the barrel, however lately I’ve been thinking about using colored chalk to break up the barrel profile. I haven’t bought any yet but I’m thinking the big chalk sticks kids use for sidewalk art would work.

    Gaffers tape is found in a variety of colors and widths. Ebay and Amazon have a lot of gaffers tape but I prefer Amazon because of the feedback ratings to avoid a poorly made version.