Snagmag: Great Alternative to Ammo Pouch


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The Snagmag looks like a knife pocket clip. But it actually houses a spare magazine.

Editor’s Note: This Snagmag gun gear review comes as a special feature from Gun Digest, Living Ready’s sister brand. It’s posted here because of the Snagmag’s uses for preparedness, and because the Snagmag is just plain cool as an alternative to a standard ammo pouch.

Standard ammo pouches are fine for training at the range or for use at home. But when it comes to concealed carry, wearing an ammo pouch around the waist just isn’t practical. It’s also a serious “tell.”

Enter the Snagmag. It’s an innovative alternative to an ammo pouch. It’s one of those rare finds that had me thinking, “Why I didn’t I think of that?” With concealed carry on the rise across the country, and especially popular in the preparedness community, its time is due.

Snagmag Review: An Ammo Pouch Alternative

Instead of the boxy shape of an ammo pouch, the outside of the Snagmag might be mistaken for a pocket clip on a knife. But that’s the point. Slip it into the pocket, and everyone thinks you’re just carrying a knife.

But the secret to the Snagmag is what’s going on inside the pocket. The Snagmag  holds—disguises, really— a pistol magazine.

There’s also the feature that puts the “snag” in Snagmag. A shark fin-shaped protrusion snags the corner of your pocket. This smart design element makes extracting the magazine ergonomic and feel like second nature.

Sure beats the heck out of a standard ammo pouch, huh?

Snagmag Review: Using It

Putting the Snagmag to the test highlighted what makes this product such a great alternative to an ammo pouch. Extraction of the mag was a breeze. No clunky draws with this thing.

The retention should be noted, too. Like any good handgun holster worth its salt, it kept the magazine in place until extraction with a snug fit.

Snagmag Review: Beats an Ammo Pouch

Here’s how the Snagmag beats a standard ammo pouch:

  • Sleek design doesn’t cause pants to sag
  • Super smooth extraction
  • Again, it looks like a pocket knife from the outside
  • Snug retention
  • Available for most makes and models of pistols
  • Comes specifically designed for left- or right-handed shooters

Snagmag Review: Ammo Pouches are Still Useful

There were a few minor drawbacks with the Snagmag. Since this isn’t a post bashing ammo pouches, it’s worth noting that a standard ammo pouch is still useful for a variety of situations where the Snagmag might come up short.

  • Doesn’t work well with loose-fitting pants (jeans or “tactical pants” are musts)
  • Double-stack mags don’t work as well as single-stacks, but it’s only a tiny difference

Snagmag Review: The Bottom Line

The Snagmag is affordable, comfortable and easy to use. It’s the “better mousetrap” that many ammo pouches have been trying the achieve.

Snagmag Review: Where to Get It

Snagmag Review

Click to order the Snagmag.

After the Gun Digest team demonstrated the Snagmag to Living Ready, it was a no-brainer to include this incredible piece of gun gear in the Living Ready Store.

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