Free Download: Composting Tips

Free download: Composting TipsThese composting tips will help solve the riddles these organic heaps can sometimes present. It’s excerpted from Composting In & Out, a book full of composting tips that have helped scores of growers.

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Sample Composting Tips: Reducing Odor from the Heap

Sure, compost heaps won’t smell like a bouquet of roses. But these compost tips from the free download will help reduce offensive aromas from your organic stew.

1. Make sure the compacted contents have room for air to circulate. Aerate the bin by turning the contents or use an aerating tool or a pitchfork to increase airflow deep within. In the long run, you can add piping or tubing in the center of the bin or pile to ensure that the central contents remain oxygenated.

2. Over-watering can cause water to pool and mold formation. This type of mold will eventually emit a nasty odor. Turning and aerating the pile or bin should discourage further mold formation as well as begin to dry out the existing materials.

3. There may be too much nitrogen from yard and kitchen waste and not enough carbon. An ammonia smell will be a clear indicator that this is the problem. Turning the pile will let in more oxygen and release the ammonia gases. Make sure to add some carbon content, such as straw, twigs, dried leaves, or sawdust, to bring a balance back to the bin.