Food & Water

Even the best survival gear can’t change this most recited of the healthy living quotes: People can go three weeks without food and three days without water.

Feel like testing that out? Didn’t think so. That’s why the articles here focus on emergency preparedness food and water. Before you head to that survival gear store, develop your plans for emergency preparedness food and water with these resources.

Whether you plan to use repurposed military survival gear or everyday outdoor survival gear, know what you need for emergency preparedness food and water before you put money down.

emergency freeze dried food

Dehydrated vs Freeze-Dried Survival Food: Which Lasts Longer?

Both dehydrated and freeze-dried emergency foods do significantly better in terms of shelf life and portability than food not processed these ways. But there are some significant differences. Freeze-Dried Survival Food Lasts Longer Dehydrating food will not extend the shelf life nearly as long as freeze-drying. You can expect dehydrated food to store well...

Survival Bread Recipe in Slow Cooker

Quick Slow-Cooker Survival Bread Recipe

It’s a bit of an oxymoron to use the words “quick slow-cooker” in the name of this survival bread recipe. But that’s exactly what this is: a quick way to make survival bread in a slow cooker (aka “crock pot”). The baking time may be long, but the prep time is lightning fast. What...

Venison Cabbage Rolls

Video Recipe: Venison Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Here’s my recipe for venison stuffed cabbage rolls. There are many venison recipes out there, but this one stands out. Be sure to check out my tips for preparing venison the right way before giving this recipe a try. Venison Stuffed Cabbage Rolls: Ingredients Michilli cabbage (or any type of cabbage on hand, but...

Butcher Deer Yourself

5 Reasons to Butcher Deer Yourself

Editor’s Note: This article on reasons to butcher deer is excerpted from the Fall 2013 issue of Living Ready magazine. Click here to download this excellent survival magazine issue. In the absence of experience or a willing instructor, most hunters take their deer to a local processor to have it butchered for a fee....

Best venison jerky recipe

Stop Looking: This is the Best Venison Jerky Recipe

The world has you convinced that venison jerky needs to be a gristly jawbreaker of edible cardboard. That the best venison jerky recipes must involve a smoker you’ll use once a year, a dehydrator in pieces somewhere in the basement or an impossible-to-clean oven rack. That unless you nick your thumb with a knife...

Video How to Make Venison Sausage

Video: How to Make Venison Sausage

How to Make Venison Sausage: What You’ll Need Learn how to make venison sausage in this video from Stacy Harris. There are a few things you’ll need ahead of time: Venison, of course. Half the amount of pancetta or prosciutto (a kind of Italian bacon found at grocery stores) as venison. You may also...