Travel Safely Outside the Country

Travel Safely

This Online Course from Living Ready University provides secrets from globe-trotting journalist Vincent Zandri on how to travel safely far from home.

Being prepared doesn’t end at the driveway – and neither do disasters. Living Ready University tapped globe-trotting journalist Vincent Zandri to guide an Online Course all about how to travel safely when far from home.

The Travel Safely Outside the Country Online Course is more than just a pile of safe travel tips. It’s a detailed analysis of the little-known secrets of staying safe when you’re at your most vulnerable. Zandri shares some of his incredible experiences to show you how to travel safely no matter where you are – in the U.S., Canada, Mexico or anywhere else.

Here are the resources in this Online Course to help you travel safely:

  • The Preparedness, Precautions and Passports presentation from Vincent Zandri plays on your computer or mobile device. Zandri reviews how to travel safely in any locale. (PC, Mac and mp3 versions included)
  • The Summer 2013 issue of Living Ready magazine features Zandri’s incredible survival story in the African bush, where a stranded vehicle had him taking his own advice. (PDF)
  • More than 1,100 pages of safe travel tips expertly curated by Living Ready staff are offered in a single PDF. This exhaustive reference covers a range of information to travel safely. Travel tips include what to do if a disaster strikes, how to spot common illnesses, steps to take if a passport becomes lost, crime, food safety, births or deaths overseas, parasites, water quality and even forced marriages. (PDF)
  • Podcasts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focus on malaria travel tips, rabies and more. (mp3)

If you’re going to leave your home turf, you owe it to yourself to know how to travel safely. Download the Travel Safely Outside the Country Online Course for $19.99 from Living Ready University.