5 Unlikely Stashes for Survival Gear Storage

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Survival Gear Storage Ideas

It’s time to think outside the mattress when it comes to hiding valuables around the home.

We all have valuables we want to keep protected and safe. Today, those might consist of heirloom jewelry or perhaps some cash for a rainy day. Tomorrow, it might be extra ammunition, a spare handgun, or some canned food. In the event of a home invasion, now or later, it is a great idea to explore the idea of having hidden stashes within the home.

Burglars and other ne’er do wells know many of the more, shall we say, routine hiding places. You might think you’re sneaky when you put a roll of 20s inside a pair of socks in the dresser drawer or under the mattress but, I have news for you, they’ve been there and done that. You’re just going to have to be a bit more creative to foil an experienced thief. Fortunately, there are several simple stashes you can create for survival gear storage.

Stash #1: Air Ducts

Survival Gear Storage Ideas Air DuctsFirst, if you have a basement, go down there and look up. If the basement is unfinished, you’ll see air ducts running here and there. That duct work is our first stop in our tour.

By removing one of the vents, you can place into the duct things like a rifle or a couple of bricks of ammunition. Stick to low profile items so you don’t restrict air flow. Replace the vent cover when you’re done, of course.

Stash #2: PVC Pipes

Survival Gear Storage Ideas PVC PipesWhile you’re down there, you’ll also probably see large diameter PVC pipe hanging in the joists. Even the not-so-casual observer probably wouldn’t notice an extra run of PVC hanging up there.

Don’t put the new piece right next to the existing run, as that will be odd and somewhat obvious. But, if you run it at the opposite end of the basement, it’ll blend right in. Make sure you add elbows at the ends so it looks like it is attached to the floor above.

This is a great place for canned goods and dehydrated foods. Just make sure you attach the PVC securely to the joists to account for the weight of the food if you’re hiding cans.