Podcast: Living Ready Staff on Destiny Survival

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I speak for the entire Living Ready crew when I say it was a pleasure and a privilege to appear on the Destiny Survival podcast program. The episode aired originally last week, but it can be listened to in its entirety above.

Topics covered include Living Ready‘s philosophy, how the brand does its business and contributors. It’s a glimpse behind the scenes of how the gears turn around here.

The host, John Wesley Smith, stands out in a crowded field of podcasters as an articulate, thoughtful and engaging personality. Be sure to subscribe for free to Smith’s Destiny Survival Radio program in iTunes, or stream episodes through his website.

Smith had a few kind words to express about Living Ready on his blog. Here’s a snippet:

Have you noticed the increasing number of preparedness Web sites and print magazines in the last two or three years? Prepping has become trendy enough for many to think it’s worthwhile to get on the bandwagon. We’ll see how many of them have staying power.

When I began hearing about “Living Ready Magazine” a few months ago, I honestly didn’t give them much thought. But I’ve since discovered they’re definitely not some fly by night outfit. In fact, you could say Living Ready is a multi-faceted preparedness community for you. More below on why that is.

I signed up for their e-mail newsletter and have been impressed with the wide variety of articles and their content. They now have a store for offering preparedness products to readers. And that’s not all.

I believe you’ll find “Living Ready” to be a helpful educational preparedness resource.

And here’s a bit on his spot-on interpretation of the Living Ready mission:

It’s to provide a calm, confident voice of reasonable preparedness for families in America who want to live more self sufficiently. “Living Ready” seeks to reach out to people who don’t already know about preparedness. But that doesn’t mean their content is elementary.

“Living Ready” aims to educate their audience with material on everything from bug out bags to gardening to guns by knowledgeable preppers. They intend to present Practical, credible information to help people prepare to survive and thrive, no matter what the situation.

Be sure to give Destiny Survival Radio a listen. I think you’ll really be glad you did.