Lessons from an Attempted Carjacking

A True Carjacking Story

A True Carjacking Story

Because she was mentally PREPARED and SKILLED, the author’s mother walked away from what could have been a carjacking. Now that she is more AWARE of the threat, she adjusted her strategy and became better prepared should it happen again. (Image via sxc.hu)

My mom nearly became the victim of a carjacking this week.

After parking her vehicle on a city street, a man rushed up to the rear passenger door. He opened it and got in.

Her immediate reaction was to yell, “No” and “Get out” as loud and as mean as she could muster. It did the trick. The stranger left the vehicle and ran off.

Fortunately, she walked away from the incident with a story, not an injury and a police report. What this man’s intentions were will never be known. It’s better that way.

After talking with her about what happened, it became clear how this is the perfect example of the preparedness mindset. “Prepared, Skilled, Aware” is more than just a catchy tagline at Living Ready. It’s a way to be ready before, during and after an event.

Prepared for a Carjacking: She Had a Plan

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Waiting until an event happens is the wrong time to develop a plan. There’s barely time to think. My mom’s incident didn’t last more than a few seconds.

So don’t think. Go into autopilot and execute the plan. In this case, my mom already knew what to do: Use her voice to bring as much attention to herself as possible.

Perhaps the menacing way she said “No” and “Get out” suggested she wasn’t going to tolerate this person’s presence. But my money is on this guy weighing the odds of getting away with a crime. The incident happened in a city with a lot of foot traffic. The odds were good someone would notice the confrontation.

This plan might seem overly simple. But consider how natural it is to freeze up. To allow terror to gel a person’s better judgement.

That didn’t happen because my mom was mentally prepared. She’s safe now. However simple, the plan worked.

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3 thoughts on “Lessons from an Attempted Carjacking

  1. loweryb221

    I registered just so I could tell you I would unsubscribing from everything to do with this site. If you don’t have what it takes upstairs to see where a firearm could have been useful in this situation clearly you have too much to learn to offer me anything of value.

  2. captmurdock

    Glad your mom made it out without any trouble. I agree with how you say that having a gun would have solved the issue. However, having a gun would help had the yelling not worked. Having a plan is great; having a back-up plan is better. A gun should always be the weapon of last resort. Is always better to have and not need then to need and not have. Also, a gun isn’t the only weapon one can use in self defense. Pepper spray, knives, and my personal favorite car defense weapon is a short club. They sell them at any place where you can buy fishing tackle. They come in wood or metal. I prefer the nice solid wood. I think they are made for people who fish for the more dangerous of fish species IE sharks, but I digress. They are great because they are like mini baseball bats. Perfect for CQC. Asps and batons tend to be a little to long to work in such a closed in space. Hopefully nobody ever has to use these things, but like you said being mentally prepared and not freezing up is your first and best line of defense.

  3. snowedin

    This is an extremely important and prescient article. Apparently the Boston bombers carjacked the SUV used in the chase last night. Stay vigilant, Boston.