Introducing the Living Ready Ultimate Survival Workshop

Living Ready Ultimate Survival WorkshopThe Living Ready Store is always coming up with great deals, but this one really knocks it out of the park. Just in time for National Preparedness Month, it’s the Living Ready Ultimate Survival Workshop.

This is the best preparedness information Living Ready has ever offered at an absolutely phenomenal price.

Ultimate Survival Workshop for $49.99 is Huge Value

For $49.99, the Living Ready Ultimate Survival Workshop includes:

  • 1-year subscription to Living Ready magazine ($17.95)
  • How to Treat Wounds & Burns Online Course with Dr. James Hubbard, MD aka The Survival Doctor ($19.99)
  • Hurricane Preparedness Online Course with Charley Hogwood of P.R.E.P. ($19.99)
  • Urban Preparedness Online Course with Vincent Zandri ($19.99)
  • Wildfire Preparedness Online Course with Paul Purcell ($19.99)
  • How to Barter for Survival Online Course with Jim Cobb ($19.99)
  • Recipes & Tips for Sustainable Living Book PDF by Stacy Harris ($25.99)
  • Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag Book PDF by Creek Stewart ($16.99)
  • The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide Book PDF by Creek Stewart ($17.99)
  • The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving Natural Disasters Book PDF by Jim Nowka ($21.99)
  • Processing Venison Video with Stacy Harris ($2.99)
  • Prepper’s Home Defense Video with Jim Cobb ($2.99)
  • Modern & Primitive Survival Skills Video with Creek Stewart & Clint Jivoin ($2.99)
  • How to Grow 2,000 Pounds of Food in Your Backyard Video with Lucinda Bailey of Texas Ready ($2.99)

This Survival Workshop is Special

This is the bare minimum price we will ever offer for all this excellent preparedness information in one spot. When the Living Ready team got together to talk about National Preparedness Month, we decided it was time to gather the best of the best content and get it into your hands as quickly as possible at the lowest price. Preparedness is too important.

The Ultimate Survival Workshop is it. It’s your chance to get the most and best preparedness information at the lowest price.

You Get What You Pay For, Except With a Discount Like This One

Yes, the saying “you get what you pay for” is still true. But don’t be misled by the super discount of the Ultimate Survival Workshop.

As anyone who has met Creek Stewart, Charley Hogwood, Jim Cobb, Stacy Harris, Paul Purcell, The Survival Doctor and the rest of Living Ready‘s excellent roster of contributors will tell you, these aren’t rank amateurs. These are some of the top minds in preparedness and self-sufficiency. Unlike some of the fly-by-night survival “experts” out there preaching preparedness from behind a keyboard, they can back up what they’re saying with real-world, hands-on experience.

Their time and talent is worth much more than $49.99. But because Living Ready is committed to providing the best preparedness and self-sufficiency information anywhere, we’re offering it at a big discount.

Where to Get the Ultimate Survival Workshop

I hope you’ll take advantage of the Ultimate Survival Workshop. You’ll really be glad you did.

Click here to buy the Living Ready Ultimate Survival Workshop for $49.99.