Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Everyday Carry Gear

What is Everyday Carry Gear?

Everyday Carry Gear Emergency Preparedness Checklist

What kinds of everyday carry gear would be on your emergency preparedness checklist?

Everyday carry, or EDC, gear is what we take with us every day, just in case.

For some, everyday carry gear is just a cell phone and a credit card. For me, I carry a simple grouping of tools that over the years have evolved into this emergency preparedness checklist.

The evolution started a long time ago with a pocket knife and grew into a refined collection that can help me solve most simple problems that crop up during my typical day. Depending on what my immediate plans are, I might add to this everyday carry gear with a small hatchet, a bigger knife or a bigger gun.

This emergency preparedness checklist contains enough to stop a fight, not what I would take to war.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Everyday Carry Gear

Here’s my emergency preparedness checklist of everyday carry gear:

  • Larger knife with a lock and at least a 3.5-inch blade that can be opened with one hand
  • Pocketknife (small slip joint or traditional jack knife)
  • Pocket tool carried in a pouch on my belt
  • Small single-cell CR123A flashlight
  • Small pocket compass
  • Pen and pad of waterproof paper
  • Paracord survival bracelet
  • Belt (nylon web riggers type with steel buckle)
  • Cash
  • Sunglasses
  • Small wind-proof lighter
  • Watch
  • Handgun

What Everyday Carry Gear Do You Carry?

More about everyday carry gear

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These are the 13 everyday carry gear items that on any given day will be on my person.

I carry these things because I am comfortable knowing I can mitigate many of the issues I might encounter.

What about you? What would your emergency preparedness checklist look like? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Everyday Carry Gear

  1. Bushwalker

    I don’t carry quite as much stuff, on a daily basis…

    With my house keys, there is a SwissTool and GI can opener, and a small LED light that hangs outside the case, that also has a button compass an whistle and a couple of other functions…
    My wallet with a credit card and bank card as well as small amount of cash and driver’s license..
    (A Hat, sunglasses, suitable shoes, a jacket if it might be needed ~ these are all part of my usual “wardrobe”, and not counted as separate “EDC” items by me..).

    My “EDC” essentials would usually only be:
    A larger-sized pocket knife, maybe a Swiss Army knife for it’s extra functions;
    A few metres of mason’s/builder’s cord (much lighter and easier to pack than Para-cord..);
    A folded length of strapping, medical, duct or ‘gaffa’/repair tape;
    A disposable cigarette locker…

    IF I’m travelling further afield I have pocket size “first aid”, “survival” and “repair” pouches to suit the occasion; and a lanyard with a ‘AAA’-maglite, backup compass, a second knife, and that would be a convenient place to hang such things as a USB drive, your watch if you want it out of the way; PLUS I’m more likely to remember my mobile phone as well (unlike many people these days, I don’t keep it on me 24-7..).

    AND a bottle of water and some snack food is good insurance, WHENEVER there’s a chance you may be out for a while, or may be delayed getting home..

  2. pdallman

    I would edit the list above. My multi-tool has several nice blades so the pocket knife is not required and mine has a 3″ blade but I have a small one with a light that fits on my key chain from Lowes. I got caught in a power outage in the middle of office with no windows or lighting 500 yrds from the nearest outside door. I was the only light on me for 200 people besides some matches. In my pouch I have 3 towels they are prepacked to be the size of a tootsie roll (dehydrated). A small alcohol wipe and 2 band-aids which I seem to use all the time. I also have 4 tie-wraps ( two small and 2 big reusables-very neat item to have if you are not familiar with them, they have a release). A couple tylenol from the quikie mart that come individually wrapped and I can McGyver the rest. PS: my daughter churns out these bitchin paracord bracelets for all her friends.

    Now what do you have on your cellphone for APPS? I have this one called swiss-army knife with a magnifier, bubble level, ruler, flashlight, timer, and compass. I also have the red cross first aid manual which does not need cell service, a metal detector.