Creek Stewart Hosts New TV Show, “Fat Guys in the Woods”

Creek Stewart, author of several survival books published by Living Ready and preparedness renaissance man, is coming to the Weather Channel as host of the new TV series, Fat Guys in the Woods. The debut episode aired at 10/9 Central on Sunday, Aug. 10. New episodes air each Sunday after.

What is Fat Guys in the Woods?

This latest incarnation of snappy TV survival show titles has Stewart training a squad of average Joes on primitive survival skills. Stewart’s hands-on instruction on TV isn’t all that different from the survival courses he offers at Willow Haven Outdoor.

Check out this clip as the group tries to light a fire the old-fashioned way.

Living Ready Review of First Episode

Producers of Fat Guys in the Woods treated the Living Ready staff to an advance screening of the first episode. The results? Two things stuck out to this reviewer.

First, Creek has to be the most likable survival instructor on TV. And not in a phony way. He plays the teacher role well, which makes sense. But more importantly, he doesn’t try to “play a part” in front of the camera. He relies on his knowledge to inform the “fat guys” and the viewers, not some trumped up personality.

Second, the show provides many practical takeaways, something lacking in the popcorn TV survival market. Viewers might actually learn something while being entertained.

So don’t be fooled by that flashy title. That’s only there to grab your attention. There’s real substance underneath that makes the show worth watching.

Who is Creek Stewart?

Stay Alive Living Ready Creek Stewart

Creek Stewart is everywhere these days, from books to TV shows and even the cover of Stay Alive. Click the image to download this special edition of Living Ready magazine.

Creek Stewart is the author of the best-selling books Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag, Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide and the new Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle. All are published by Living Ready and available at

Stewart also runs Willow Haven Outdoor, a survival school in Indiana. He also conducts speaking engagements, runs his own survival online store and is a frequent guest on television and Internet programs.

“Creek Stewart has literally thousands of hours of first-hand survival training and expert teaching under his belt,” said Patty Craft, Living Ready publisher. “His ability to expertly teach survival skills by book is proven, but TV viewers are sure to be impressed with his no-nonsense personality and genuine ability to survive in the wild.”

Try a Survival Project of Your Own from Creek Stewart

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Six Degrees of Creek Stewart

It’s trivia time. No one is exempt from Six Degrees of Separation, including in the world of preparedness. One of Stewart’s partners at Willow Haven, Clint Jivoin, appeared on the first season of Naked & Afraid. You can read about that adventure in a feature in the Fall 2013 issue of Living Ready magazine.

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