Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is more than just buying a bunch of survival gear on hand and memorizing some healthy living quotes. It’s the skills to know how to use those emergency preparedness kits. It’s having a detailed emergency preparedness plan that family and friends know by heart. It’s revisiting that emergency preparedness checklist every six months.

Emergency preparedness is a commitment. It takes time to do it right. But like any important commitment, it’s a two-way street. Should disaster strike, your emergency preparedness supplies and emergency preparedness plans will save you and your loved ones.

These articles focus on how to develop your emergency preparedness. Consider them a blueprint for healthy living. Because nothing is healthier than living through the worst.

Mutual Assistance Group Application

Mutual Assistance Groups: Bringing in New Members

One of the most important processes a mutual assistance group will ever undertake is granting membership. So how do you build your survival dream team? First read up on how to meet mutual assistance group members. Then check out the following process. Mutual Assistance Group Memberships: The Individual Perspective Begin with looking inward as...

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Disaster Prepping with Physical Disabilities

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be a long running and helpful column for the disabled community. There will be some inconvenient truths revealed and discussed, along with ideas and helpful web resources cited. A bit about me. I live in Earthquake Faults, Nevada, am a non-service connected veteran (NSC), and an...

Prepare for Winter

10 Winter Preparedness Tasks for the Home

As we get ever closer to our annual rendezvous with Old Man Winter, we human beings are sort of biologically, as well as psychologically, wired to batten down the hatches, so to speak. For many of us, we go into full “prep” mode, striving to stock up on everything and anything. This isn’t a...


Make a TSA-Approved Carry-On Emergency Kit

Airline travel is complicated, even more so if you plan on being prepared in flight and at your destination. Sometimes traveling light is a necessity and checking bags isn’t in the cards. Sometimes the airlines can misplace your bags for a day or more. Regardless, it’s a good idea to have some items in...

How to Barter for Survival Resources

Managing Survival Resources in a Mutual Assistance Group

One of the biggest hurdles for a mutual assistance group to get past will be allocation of survival resources. The two most common problems regarding survival resources will be: Do we combine all the incoming basic load supplies into a common storage system? Do we have all members remain responsible for their own basic...

Make Your Own Survival Kit

3 Reasons to Make Your Own Survival Kit

There are many types of commercial survival kits available on the market today. Some of these kits are well made. Some are sufficient. And some are lacking in serious survival components. Although many of these survival kits provide the basics, the quality of the components must fit the selling price of the kit. In...

Disaster Survival When is it OK to Steal

Disaster Survival: When is it OK to Steal?

Disaster Survival: Pitting Reality Against Morality It’s easy to sit on a moral high horse while times are good. But when disasters strike, there’s a guarantee that theft will follow. It’s not always career criminals smashing and grabbing. Sometimes it’s people in tough situations getting critical supplies using the only option available. There’s a...