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Scott Wagner is a 32-year law enforcement veteran. Currently a police sergeant in Baltimore, Ohio, he spent 20 years with the Union County Ohio Sheriff's Office as a Reserve Deputy where he worked patrol, training and SWAT, and was the assistant SWAT team leader and a team sniper. Wagner has been a state-certified police firearms, fitness and defensive tactics instructor for 26 years, and has been a criminal justice professor and police academy commander for 20 years at a community college in the Midwest.


Are Bayonets a Good Idea for Survival Guns?

  For civilian use, little thought has been given to the bayonet, other than interest as collectors’ curiosity. With preparation for civil disaster, the bayonet should no longer be considered a collector piece, but as an essential item in the survival toolbox. Starting in late WWII, the bayonet changed in form and function. Prior...


Survival Shotguns: Not Just for CQB

  Editor’s Note: The author offers some great tips for selecting a survival shotgun in this article. Keep in mind you’re not likely to find a literal “survival shotgun” for sale. Survival shotguns are sporting or tactical firearms purposed for preparedness. The shotgun has some marvelous advantages for the person who is preparing for...


Ball Ammo: The Best Survival Gun Bullets

  A lot of careful consideration and planning needs to be done in order to make sure you are ready for surviving a long-term calamity.  One area of attention is the type of combat ammunition you will purchase for stockpiling. Recent technological advances in ammunition of all types and calibers have been astounding, particularly...


Blackout: Rehearsing for the Bigger Threat

Editor’s note: Ohio-based author Scott Wagner recently experienced a power outage from the powerful storms that have swept across America in recent days. Here is his journal during the blackout. I am writing this post on laptop battery power by the light of a propane lamp. This past Friday, as many of you also...


Shelter-in-Place Survival Guns 101

Previously, I discussed what my concepts of daily travel and vacation long guns were, and said that they were distinctly different than long guns you might choose for defending your home, i.e. “sheltering in place” in the event of disaster. Speaking of being armed during times of disaster, I saw in this month’s American...


Best Survival Guns for Vacations

    For the past 32 years as a cop, I have never traveled on vacation without an off-duty gun.  Whether driving or flying to my destination, I always had an off-duty gun with me. In years past, that gun was usually something small and concealable—a Smith and Wesson .38, a Colt Mustang Pocketlite...


6 Tips for Transporting Survival Guns

    When sudden disaster strikes, where will you be? No one can be sure. Add the additional variables such as whether the disaster will be more or less localized in nature (fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, unknown localized disorder) or one that is national (economic collapse) and you realize daily preparedness is crucial. There...


Choosing a Survival Pistol: Applying the Five Principles

Let me put the five principles from my previous post together in making a decision concerning a pistol. Clearly, I am examining only one selection, because there are MANY pistols available that would work in this role, which I will discuss in the future. The pistol I am going to examine is my all-time...