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Editor James Card

About Editor James Card

James Card is editor of Living Ready magazine and an editor for Gun Digest.

308 Winchester

.308 Winchester: A Top Survival Ammunition Choice

There are volumes of ink devoted to explaining the virtues of the .22 long rifle cartridge. For good reasons, it’s the reigning champ of the survival and preparedness crowd. But for those looking for something with a punch, the .308 Winchester is a prime choice. .308 Winchester: Breaking It Down In power, the .308...

Best Firewood

Share This: Guide to the Best Firewood

Editor’s Note: This guide to the best firewood is excerpted from the Winter 2012 issue of Living Ready, available for download here. One of my friends once said as he looked over his personal library, “When I have a lot of good books I feel wealthy.” I feel the same way about firewood, but...

Mossberg 500 Flex Review

Review: Mossberg Flex Shotgun

This Mossberg Flex review examines what makes this 12-gauge shotgun so versatile: the TLS (tool-less locking system). This allows the Mossberg Flex shotgun to shift roles quickly and smoothly.