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About Corrina Peterson

Corrina Peterson manages book acquisitions and production at Gun Digest Books, the leading publisher of books covering everything there is to know about guns, ammo and knives. Corrina's interest in firearms began as the result of a close relationship with an M16 during active duty military service and went on to include trap shooting, upland bird hunting and wilderness elk hunting.


Prepare to Survive: Get a Pack, a Plan, and the Skills You Need

Survival, disaster preparedness and bug-out bags are among the hottest topics these days, and Gun Digest has what you need to be prepared. Make sure you have a pack, a plan, and the skills necessary to survive real emergencies that could occur in your part of the world.


Get Your Survival Guns

With all the activity by doomsday preppers and survivalists, one area is often overlooked: information about survival guns. Now, you can get the book that fills that void: "Survival Guns" by Mel Tappan.