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Ben Sobieck is the online editor of Living Ready. His interest areas include hunting game, knives, growing food, cooking and current events issues. In addition to being better prepared for the worst, he believes self-sufficiency is a tool for personal growth and a way to help others.

Gun Painting Gaffers Tape

Gun Painting Trick: Use Gaffers Tape

Editor’s Note: The following gun painting tip comes from user Wild Bill H. Watch a video featuring another gun painting technique here from Living Ready contributor Andy Tran. Gaffers Tape: Perfect for Preserving Gun Parts Gaffers tape is awesome stuff for camo gun painting. Personally, I try to avoid painting my equipment, preferring...

Disaster Survival When is it OK to Steal

Disaster Survival: When is it OK to Steal?

Disaster Survival: Pitting Reality Against Morality It’s easy to sit on a moral high horse while times are good. But when disasters strike, there’s a guarantee that theft will follow. It’s not always career criminals smashing and grabbing. Sometimes it’s people in tough situations getting critical supplies using the only option available. There’s a...

Glow in the Dark Paint

Tips for Using Glow-in-the-Dark Paint at Home for Survival

Living Ready contributor Vincent Zandri hit on a bright idea last month with his article on using glow-in-the-dark paint for emergency lighting around the home. During a blackout, or just in dark spaces, glow-in-the-dark paint could illuminate critical areas or objects. reader superfluities left an excellent comment on Zandri’s article about the best...

Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap

Video Review: Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap

The Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap is a portable solar power generator that rolls out. It's convenient, effective and innovative. Here are the pros and cons of this hot gear item.

Drowning Story

True Drowning Story: Why Mental Preparedness is Everything reader DJnRF (David Jacobs) replied to the recent post about coordinating family members in a tough survival scenario with a true story about multiple drownings. It was too insightful to pass up, so it’s being featured in a post. Warning: This isn’t an easy read, but it shows why mental preparedness is so...

Browning URZ 22

Photos: 5 Best Survival Handguns

This round up of five of the best survival handguns comes courtesy of Living Ready readers like you. In the What’s in Your Bug Out Bag? book, readers explained their choices for best survival handguns. These five came up often, so they’re highlighted here. That’s what the Living Ready community is all about: sharing...

Disaster Insurance

Should Disaster Insurance be Mandatory?

Mandatory Disaster Insurance New rules under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are requiring some residents and business to purchase expensive flood insurance policies. The thinking is that being in a high-risk flood plain is too dangerous to not carry specialized disaster insurance. As covered in a previous article about flood insurance, the NFIP...