About Us

Living Ready Spring 2013 IssueLiving Ready® is a multi-platform community – print magazine, website, social media outlets, online learning, live event and online shop – that helps you be prepared to survive and thrive, no matter the situation.

Members of the Living Ready community are honing, or want to begin honing, life skills such as:

  • training to be suitably armed to survive threats (natural or man-made) against themselves, their loved ones and their community
  • putting a sound emergency preparedness plan into place
  • safely storing food, and gathering gear necessary to our survival
  • growing our own food, and canning and preserving that food
  • hunting for food, and then preparing and storing the catch
  • raising small animals such as chickens, rabbits, or pygmy goats
  • identifying and using natural remedies for everyday problems and chores

“Living ready” means being self-reliant and prepared for whatever the world throws at us—whether it’s a challenging economy, a season of drought that hits our crops or a natural disaster. Additionally, we’re prepared for any bad guys who threaten us, our loved ones or our community.

We are living ready by planning for both short-term and long-term self-sufficiency in the face of adversity. We are planning our lives more in tune with the seasons, and we’re getting back to basics for greater peace of mind. We love our 21st-century, touch-screen world, but we are not taking it for granted! And through the process of living prepared we are thriving in everyday life.

Living Ready® is a registered trademark of F+W Media, Inc.

Free Download: Bug-Out Bag Packing List

Bug-out-bag-packing-listThis free download of a printable bug-out bag packing list is a good example of what we’re all about. Use it to create a bug-out bag and be ready to get out of Dodge should disaster strike.


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